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Treen- Penberth - Porthcurno-Minack Theatre- Porthgwarra-Pendower Cove -Treen

Granite coast, white sandy beaches, secluded bays, seals, panoramic views of Lands End and the Isles of Scilly, ancient inland paths and green lanes, hidden churches. The walk starts a stones throw from the coastal path, in the hamlet of Treen from where either a plain yellow arrow or the acorn symbol of the caostal path guide you along this 10 mile circular jaunt.


10 miles. 5 hours

Recommended maps:
Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 102 Lands End, Penzance and St Ives.

Starting point SW 394230

Grade: Moderate

Village shop, pub, toilets in Treen
Shop, cafe, pub toilets at Porthcurno
Cafe, toilets in Porthgwarra


Pay and display at Treen



All information given in good faith and for use as guidance only.


Out of season Treen is practically deserted, the only traffic jam being that of the Guernsey cows ambling along to the parlour.

The walk starts from along side the carpark and opposite the chapel. Follow the footpath to Penberth Cove, The path drops away towards the left, keeping the sea on your right and skirts around the tiny fields which once flourished with market garden produce.

From the cove turn right and follow the coastal path over Cribba Head towards Logan Rock, the mighty granite headland so popular with climbers. After about 2km (1.2 miles) the Minack Theatre nestled into the cliff face beyond Porthcurno beach comes into view. Look out for a granite bench on your right and soon after this the coastal path takes a sharp right turn towards Porthcurno Beach.

If you decide to end your walk at Porthcurno there is a short cut (roughly 20minutes)back to Treen. Retrace your steps to the granite bench up on the coastal path. Take a path to the left and left again at a track which leads right into Treen.

From Portcurno Beach climb the steep steps up towards the Minack Theatre. Walk through the car park and continue, through a kissing gate, along the coastal path. After about 500m, with a headland on your left the path starts to decend to Porth Chapel cove and to a stream. Instead of loosing height, follow the well worn track which bears away to the right and past a few houses. Soon you will meet a lane. Turn left to discover the hidden church of St Leven.

Opposite the church take the footpath to Porthgwarra. After 50m turn right up a steep path and bear right in the open field, keeping close to the hedge. You soon meet up again with the ACORN symbols and in the distance a coastguard station.

The next stop is Porthgwarra. A delightful rocky cove with tunneled cliffs, caves and a tea shop! Look out for seals and towards the end of the summer, white baby seals nestles into the warm granite.

Continue along the coastal path. The next headland Gwennap Head is the most southerly point in England and as you round this, Lands End and, on a really clear day, the Isles of Scilly are visible.

From now on the coastline becomes rather wild, an array of yellow and purple in late summer as moorland reaches the sea.

Head towards the coastguard station and look out for a massive blow hole in the granite cliffs just below it - the 'cliff path' goes right besides it. On a windy day the waves come crashing up through this hole and spray sent all around.

After about 11/2 km (1 mlie) your route turns inland. THIS PATH IS NOT SIGNED! Just after the coastpath goes down to a stream and rises up again look out, on your right, for a stone wall and barbed wire fence. Follow a faint track along the left side of the wall to a farm gate and a lane. Follow this lane past Faraway cottage to Higher Bosistow Farm. At a junction, with a half slate house opposite follow the red arrow to the right. The path passes the farm complex and becomes a green lane, continue to road for 1km (0.6 miles).

At the road turn left and after a few metres right towards Raftra farm. Follow the lane past the cottages at Rafta Farm and past a cow shed on your left. Go through a five bar gate, carry on past and walking parallel to a large barn to a signpost and gate in top left hand corner of the field.

From now on the footpaths are signed. follow the yellow arrows ,but in places the farmer has planted the fields so you may need to walk around them rather than straight across. As a marker, head towards a white cottage and through a field keeping two white houses on your left, eventually crossing a wall via stone steps and meeting a road.

At the road turn right and in 100m left, along the path towards Tredrennen Farm. Keep the field boundary to your left the stile is in the far left hand corner of the field. Head towards the farm complex. Pass infront of the hamlet and go left to Trendrennan Barn from where a path opposite leads you back to Treen.


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