Cornish Goldsmiths

Cornish Goldsmiths
Tolgus Mill
New Portreath Road
TR16 4HN

Tel: 01209 218198
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Cornish Goldsmiths near Redruth is a wonderful all weather family attraction.

As well as being the largest gold and silver jewellery showroom in Cornwall making and selling some exquisite pieces of hand crafted jewellery, it also boasts fabulous exhibits, attractions and hands-on activities for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors can have a go at panning for 'real' gold, digging for hidden pirate treaure as well as wondering round the fabulous displays and exhibits including the famous 'Delorean' time machine and an Aston Martin DB5, not quite what you'd expect to find in a jewellery showroom - but then Cornish Goldsmiths is an attraction with many wonderful surprised to be had.

The centre itself is surrounded by lovely landscaped gardens and has a fully licensed coffee shop.

Whether you are searching for the ultimate romantic gesture, simply have a passion for jewellery or are just simply looking for a fun family day out, Cornish Goldsmiths certainly has something to offer everyone.

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